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  • 100% Proton Genuine Wiper Panel Towing Grille Side Windscreen Garnish Cover Hood Hinge
  • Part number: PW935391 Passenger side / PW935392 Driver side
  • Suitable for Proton New Saga VVT 2016y
  • Price for 1cover (1side) / Harga 1cover sebelah
  • For Auto Transmission Gearbox
  • Not suitable for CVT Gearbox
  • Stops Slips 
  • Fixes Leaks
  • For vehicles with 75,000 miles or more
  • 100% Proton Genuine Coolant (Ready to Use) [Blue colour] 4L
  • Part number: PW990731
  • New Saga Iriz New Persona Exora Preve Suprima S


  • Side Mirror Folding Motor Gear Cermin Sisi Kit
  • Suitable for Honda City TM0 T9A (2008-2018year) / Jazz (2008-2018year) / Fit GE6 TF0 (2008-2012year) / Civic FD SNA (2006-2011year) CRV SWA (2007-2012year) /  Accord SDA TA0 (2003-2012year)
  • For Auto Transmission Gearbox
  • Not suitable for CVT Gearbox
  • Stop Leak & Tune Up
  • Stops Slips - Restore Smooth Shifts
  • Conditions Seals - Cleans Gum & Varnish
  • Works with all type of ATF
  • Made in USA
  • 100% Proton  Genuine Hand Brake Handle Cover
  • Part number: PW844476-V0049 White Line / PW844476-V0010 Black Line
  • Suitable for Proton Old Persona / Elegance
  • Price for 1pc
  • High Quality Gear Knob Button
  • Part number: LPW922438WC
  • Suitable for Proton Saga BLM FL FLX
  • 100% Proton Genuine MB642442 Fuel Lid Clip (Minyak Pintu Spring)
  • Part number: MB642442
  • Suitable for Proton Wira Waja Gen2 Old Persona
  • 100% Proton Genuine Glove Box Handle Laci
  • Colour: Nano Grey
  • Part number: PW864035-P0062
  • Suitable for Proton Saga BLM / SV / FL / FLX / FLX SE
  • 100% Proton Genuine Bonnet Stand Clip
  • Part number: MB889049
  • Suitable for Wira ALL New Saga VVT Saga BLM All FLX Persona All Iriz All Exora All CPS CFE Preve Suprima S Gen2 Waja Satria Neo Savvy Arena Perdana New Persona VVT NFE All
  • 100% Proton Genuine Wiper (Washer) Tank Cap
  • Part number: PW990539
  • Suitable for Proton Saga BLM SV FL FLX Iriz Inspira New Saga VVT New Persona 2016y

BARDAHL Injector Cleaner+ is an ultra-concentrated formula that removes carbon deposits and other harmful particulates from the injectors. This solution will help restore power and improve fuel economy.

mproved Power, Performance & Fuel Economy

  • Cleans injectors and intake valves
  • Use prior to Emissions Testing to lower exhaust emissions
  • Removes carbon deposits and other particulates the injectors
  • Reduces drivability problems by eliminating stalling, hard starting and rough idling
  • Improves fuel economy, restores performance and decreases emissions

Add to tank prior to filling with gasoline. Use every 3 months or 3,000 miles/5,000 km. Treats up to 16 Gals (60L). Dispose of any used or unused solution in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

  • 100% Proton Genuine Seat Adjust Knob First or Second Row
  • Part number: 

Front Right Height PW846780-P0053

Front Right Height Clip PW842059

Front Recliner Right PW846778-P0053

Front Recliner Left PW846779-P0053

2nd Row Recliner Left PW847029-P0053

2nd Row Recliner Right PW847030-P0053

2nd Row Cap Penutup PW847154-P0053

  • Suitable for Proton Exora
  • Price for 1 unit / Harga 1biji
  • OEM Wiper Washer Tank Joint + Cap
  • OEM Part number: 85318-BZ010-SET
  • Suitable for Perodua Viva
  • CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Spray 11 Wt oz
  • Part number: 05110
  • For Air Flow Sensor